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 Training the Caregiver

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Video Tape

This 20 minute Teaching Guide with script booklet, is intended to aid the professional in educating caregivers, training clinicians in dysphagia management and assisting patients in understanding their own dysphagia.

Key Benefits

Contains 14 video swallowing study examples showing:

            aspiration; choking;including: one normal liquid + one normal food

            results of modifying diet

            results of techniques

The accompanying teaching guide provides a script, suggestions, and references for supplementary materials available in the manual Practical Applications in Dysphagia.
NO AUDIO, eliminates language barriers and allows the professional the latitude of description appropriate for the viewer


Description SKU # Price
Training the Caregiver (VHS) TEACH100 $60.00
Training the Caregiver (PAL) TEACH101 $60.00
Training the Caregiver (DVD) TEACH100D $60.00
shipping cost per tape or DVD   $8.00
Tax - Washington State Residents add 8.6%    

Note: Funds must accompany first order

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