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 Dysphagia Cup

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Dysphagia Cup

The Dysphagia Cup aids people in their effort to swallow successfully.

A successful swallow is one that directs food or liquid into the esophagus and not into the airway or lungs. Successful swallowing is often assisted with the "chin down" or "normal" position.

Key Benefits

Sufficient nose clearance to empty without tilting head back
Sized for efficient lip seal and control for adult or pediatric sized mouths
Directs liquid flow to the desired position in the mouth
Maintains thickened liquid flow into the mouth without lifting the chin
Handle has features to assist arthritics, stroke patients, and artificial hands
Normal appearing,(acceptable in social environs)
Capacity - 8oz Max
Dishwasher and freezer safe


Dysphagia Cup colors order #                  Price
Almond 43121 $20.00
Clear Green 43785 $20.00
shipping & handling - 1to 5 cups   $8.00
Tax - Washington State Residents add 8.6%    

Note: Funds must accompany first order

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